“How Do I Fix My Anterior Pelvic Tilt?” It’s Not As Simple As Stretching Your Hip Flexors And Strengthening Your Abs And Glutes

Because of my recent posts on anterior pelvic tilt and how to effectively recruit your abs, I have been getting more and more questions from people wanting to know how they can get out of extension during exercises and/or daily life. Here is a recent question I received from Robert: “I have specific question regarding … Read more

Learn How To Properly Lock Out A Deadlift, Squat, and Hip Thrust

Bret Contreras is definitely a popular figure these days in the strength and conditioning world and for good reason.  He runs a great blog and puts out a monthly research review with Chris Beardsley that I highly recommend if you want to stay on top of research relevant to the strength and conditioning field.  Needless … Read more

“Fold Over” – One of My Favorite Cues For Hip Dominant Exercises

I have talked on my blog numerous times about the importance of keeping a neutral spine, especially during heavy lifting.  Not only is a neutral spine position more likely to keep you injury free, but it will also help you produce a more efficient and stable movement pattern. So today I want to give you … Read more

Do You Experience Knee Pain While Squatting? Here Are Some Possible Reasons Why And What To Do About It

It was 2009, one year after my second unsuccessful knee surgery, and I finally felt good about my knee function.  I had spent many years obsessing over my knee pain.  It was preventing me from being active and doing the things I loved – tennis, snowboarding, even running at the time (I know, I was … Read more

STOP Arching Your Back! Learn To Use Your Abs With These Two Cues

One of my goals as a coach is to help my clients feel better through efficient and proper movement.  I am big on making sure my clients utilize good technique and helping them build body awareness that will carry over into their daily lives. Teaching people to use efficient movement patterns will also make them … Read more

Emme’s Training Log: Week of 4/14/13

Before I get into this week’s training log, I have to give a huge congratulations to all of the ladies who lifted in the SPF Women’s Power Weekend at The Sweatt Shop in Cincinnati, OH last weekend.  Talk about amazing displays of strength, power, and mental toughness all coming out of a bunch of GIRLS!  … Read more