Emme’s Training Log: Week of April 28 – Video Proof, Hitting an Old PR, and Bourbon

Sunday April 28, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Standing Hurdle Jump 3×3, 1×2 – 28 in, 32 in, 34 in, 36 in x2

Finally got my 36 in jump on video!!

2) Sumo DL 5×3 – 155 lb, 170 lb, 180 lb, 190 lb x2

3) SSB Tempo Back Squats 2×8 – 70 lb, 75 lb

Zach Moore took it easy on me this week and only gave me 2 sets.

4a) GHR 3×10

4b) 1/2 Kneeling Cable Chop 2×12

5a) 2KB RDL 2×6

5b) Triceps Pushdown 3×12

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dynamic Warmup

Airdyne Sprints

Turkish Getups


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dynamic Warmup

KB/Powerblock Circuit

Turkish Getups

Cooldown and Breathing

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Heidens

Heidens outside in the sunshine, that is.  If you have ever been to IFAST, you are familiar with the curvy road leading to the gym from which you can see the back garage doors.  I am here to tell you that one of my favorite things it driving around those curves and seeing the garage doors open – that equals fresh air and beautiful weather, and I, for one, can’t get enough of it!

2) Squats 5×5 – 115 lb, 125 lb, 135 lb x3

I swear, I am the worst warmer-upper ever!  My warmups NEVER feel good!  I don’t know if it is just that I am thinking too much during my warmups or what, but almost everyday I warmup and then think, shit, this is going to suck today.  However, it hardly ever does.  For whatever reason, how I warmup is no indication of how I will do during my sets.  Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!

3a) Barbell RDLS 2×8 – 105 lb, 115 lb

3b) DB Bench Press 3×8 – 30 lb, 35 lb, 37.5 lb

4a) Hip Thrusts to Single-leg Support 2×12

4b) Quadruped Walkouts

5) Real Rows 2×8

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dynamic Warmup

Heavy Sled Pulls

Heavy Prowler Pushes

Cooldown and Breathing

Friday, May 3, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Med Ball Chest Passes

2) Bench Press 5/3/1 – 90 lb, 100 lb, 110 lb

110 lb is my competition max (uh, twice actually) so I was pretty happy to bench that today since I am still only on the first program of this meet training.

3a) Seated Cable Row 4×6

3b) Pushups AMAP from the floor, 2×8 from an incline

4a) Front Foot Elevated Split Squats 2×10

4b) KB Overheads with Leg Lowering

5) KB Swings 4×10 – 24K

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Off Day/Kentucky Derby Day/Hang-out-with-my-extended-family Day.

Made the drive to Paoli for the weekend to celebrate the Kentucky Derby with my family.  It is always fun to visit my parents and spend time with my brother, aunt, uncle, and cousins.  While the weather wasn’t exactly conducive to sitting by my aunt’s pool and sipping mint juleps, we managed to sit on her couch and sip mint juleps all the same.  This was the first Derby Day celebration since my mamaw passed away in February, and it was sad to sing My Old Kentucky Home and raise our bourbon-filled glasses without her.  Well, to be honest it was hard to sing My Old Kentucky Home, but it really is never hard to drink bourbon.  Trust me, that is not disrespectful.  My mamaw would have totally agreed.  🙂


On to my new program!





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