The Positive Change I Am Making In My Life And 3 Tips For You To Do The Same

Last week I challenged you to make one new positive change in your life.  If you took on this challenge, how is it going (keep reading to see what my positive change is and how it is going)?

Unfortunately, as I have discussed before, most people fail when it comes to achieving their goals and taking on new habits.

I want to change that.  I am passionate about helping you achieve your goal(s) and maintaining them.

Therefore, I want to discuss some more tips I picked up from “The Power of Habit”, which will make your chances of success much greater and longer-lasting – no matter what your goal may be.


3 Lessons From The “Power Of Habit” To Achieve Your Goal(s)

1.  Start small and be consistent.

I discussed this one last week so I will not go into much depth here.  Just know that ONE positive change in your life often manifests into positive changes in other areas of your life.

Therefore, by focusing your efforts on one small goal (e.g. walk 10 minutes a day, drink one less coke a day, get to bed by 9pm, etc.) and being consistent with it, you are more likely to accomplish that goal, which will set you up for future successes.

2.  Have a back-up plan.

Our willpower is finite, which means that we can only avoid temptations for so long throughout the day before our willpower is used up and we give into these bad habits and temptations.

Having a back-up plan will be less taxing on your willpower and will make you more likely to stick to your plan.

For example, let’s say you are easily tempted by a bag of M&M’s that your husband keeps on the coffee table.

To avoid these M&M’s you come up with a plan that states, “If I am tempted by the M&M’s I will take a breath, drink a glass of water, and wait 5-10 minutes.  If I am still craving the M&M’s then I will have five.”

You may need a back-up plan to avoid these

Many times you will not even desire the M&M’s after those 5-10 minutes.

Another example is exercise.   Often, we tell ourselves we will go work out after work or on our lunch break, but then that time rolls around and we start thinking otherwise.

“I just don’t have the energy today.  I think I will skip today.  But I will definitely go tomorrow.”

Instead, have an action plan in place if you start feeling unmotivated to go to the gym.  Tell yourself,  “I will at least go and warm-up, and if I still feel drained, I will head home.”

If you still feel tired after the warm-up, this most likely means your body is definitely tired and may just need some rest.  There is no need to feel guilty in this circumstance.

3.  Find a support system.


This is a great way to stick to a new habit or goal.  One of the first things I have my fat loss clients do is keep a food log.  I have them share it with me and preferably one other person.

This makes the person much less likely to overeat or reach for that bag of M&M’s.

Another great idea is to announce your goal on one of your social media outlets – facebook, twitter, google+, etc.

Having people to stay accountable to is a huge motivator.


What is your action plan when going after a new goal?  What keeps you on track?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Have a great week!

My positive change:

I did not mention this in the last post, but my positive change is attempting to be more socially active.  To make this goal more quantifiable, I am attempting to do something outside of work with friends and/or family twice a month.

I know that sounds like it should be very easy, but I am quite the home dweller (and I want to start small, right?).  I love my routine and relaxing for me is hanging out with my wife watching a movie.  Pretty boring, right? 🙂

But I love it!  However, I know that I need more social interaction outside of the gym.

In fact, a healthy social life is one of my 5 pillars when it comes to building a healthy, happy, and sexy body.

So far I have been doing really well with my goal.  I have far surpassed my goal these past two weeks – I went to the driving range, met with a friend and former intern to chat about life and his future plans, went to Sky Zone twice (an indoor trampoline facility that is awesome!) with friends, and went to a client’s birthday party at her house.

Zach Golf 2 Zach Golf 3

I will keep you updated on how I am doing with this goal.

6 thoughts on “The Positive Change I Am Making In My Life And 3 Tips For You To Do The Same”

  1. I tend to be a social hermit as well. And yet, anytime I challenge myself to get out there, I’m positively rewarded. Thanks for the reminder that 1) I’m not alone and 2) I can find the balance. p.s. Skyzone ROCKS!

    • I am exactly the same, Kirsten! Once I get out and do something I always have a great time. And yes, Skyzone is awesome. I would go every weekend:)

  2. Zach, it was a long time ago, but do you remember when your Grandparents lived next to us? We had a trampoline and you would come over when you were visiting them. That trampoline went flying across the highway during a bad wind storm and we never replaced it.

    • Yes, I remember coming to your house and jumping on the trampoline. Seems like forever ago:) I had no idea you lost the trampoline though. I think I went through of them when I was growing up.

      Thanks for the comment! Hope you are doing well.

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