Emme’s Training Log: Meet Week!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Sumo DL 135 lb x3, 160 lb x1x2, 185 lb x1x2

2) Competition Bench Press 45 lb x8, 65 lb x3, 80 lb x1x2, 90 lb x1

3) DB Incline Bench 2×8

4) Tall Kneeling Lat Pull Downs 2×10

5) Inclined Treadmill Walking x20 min

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Squats 45 lb x5, 75 lb x3, 95 lb x2, 115 lb x1x3

2a) Competition Bench Press 45 lb x5, 65 lb x3, 75 lb x3, 85 lb x1x3

2b) 3 Month Baby PNF 2×6

3) Rolling Triceps 2×10

4) Inclined Treadmill Walking x10 min

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Competition Bench Press 45 lb x8, 65 lb x5, 75 lb x3

2a) Squats 45 lb x8, 75 lb x3, 95 lb x2x3

2b) Quadruped Walkouts 2×3

3) Seated Cable Row 2×8

4) Balloon Breathing 4×3

5) Inclined Treadmill Walking x10 min

This week has just been all about getting some good movement in and practicing the lift patterns.  None of these workouts have been very taxing so that my muscles and nervous system are well rested and in top shape for Saturday!  Getting excited!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The meet at IFAST was fantastic!!  Mike, Bill, and the rest of the IFAST crew put on a meet like it is something they do every weekend.  It was so well-run and so much fun.  There were 10 lifters (3 women and 7 men) and lots of spectators.  As with most meets, there were some amazing displays of strength, some grinders that made you exhausted just to watch, and some disappointments.  I seriously hope IFAST makes this an annual event!

I went 7 for 9 on my lifts hitting a meet PR in all 3 events.  I hit an easy 195 lb opener in squat, and my 215 lb second attempt went up fairly easy as well.  On my third attempt, I went for 225 lb, which is what I missed at my last meet.  Unfortunately, I missed it again.  I just got down and didn’t have the spring out of the hole that I needed.  I don’t think I was quite as aggressive on the descent as I should have been.

I started bench with my old meet max of 110 lb.  I have been hitting that consistently in the gym so I wanted to just start there and move on up.  My next attempt was 115 lb.  I struggled a tiny bit, but got it no problem.  I went for 120 lb on my third attempt, and the entire thing was terrible from the setup to the hand-off, to my wrist position and bar path.  So, needless to say I didn’t even give myself a chance to hit that weight.

I crushed my opening 225 lb deadlift then went for a 248 lb second attempt, which also went up fast.  We were lifting with kilo plates so my options for my third attempt were either 259 lb 0r 264 lb.  I thought to myself, “What kind of number is 259?  Let’s just skip the 250s and go big!”  So, 264 lb it was, and I was able to hold on and tough it out and hit a 19 lb all-time PR and a 29 lb meet PR!  It was an awesome way to end the meet!

I am going to take a little bit of a break like I normally do after a meet from the 3 big lifts.  I think Zach is actually working on a 4 day upper/lower split program for me.  I also think I will take a little break from the weekly training logs, but I will be sure to update occasionally with any exciting news.  Thanks so much for following along with me these past few months.  It has been fun reflecting on my lifting each week.  Please let Zach know if you have any questions about my training!



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