The best way to reach me is through my email,

I offer exercise programming, nutritional programming, and general technique advice for performance enhancement and/or injury prevention.

My nutritional and exercise programming packages require a minimum of 3 months initially, with the option of moving to a monthly fee after that period.  The reason I do this is to ensure I have time to help you see the results you are after.  One month rarely offers enough time to see large changes, and when I help someone, I want to see big results!  It also helps ensure that my clients are serious about working hard and are in it for a while.

I offer nutritional and exercise programming packages individually as well as combined if interested.  If you choose to sign up for both, which I usually recommend for most people, the price will be reduced.  If you are unsure if you want or need both, then I will help you decide over e-mail based on your training experience and goals.

I also provide general technique advice that is a one time payment where you have the option of sending me training videos, and I will offer suggestions – how you can improve your technique to improve performance, why you might be experiencing discomfort with a particular movement, possible weak areas along with supplemental exercises to target the area.  This coaching is included in my exercise programming packages, but if you are only interested in this option then send me an e-mail and I will provide further details.

I am very passionate about coaching people to reach their goals in a sustainable way.  I pride myself on the results of my clients so please only contact me if you are serious about working hard and getting results.

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