Emme’s Training Log: Week of 4/14/13

Before I get into this week’s training log, I have to give a huge congratulations to all of the ladies who lifted in the SPF Women’s Power Weekend at The Sweatt Shop in Cincinnati, OH last weekend.  Talk about amazing displays of strength, power, and mental toughness all coming out of a bunch of GIRLS!  I am talking pony tailed, fingernail painted, pink clothes wearing girls!  The Sweatt Shop puts on a hell of a powerlifting meet, and based on the numbers that came out of Saturday, the ladies put on a hell of a show.  Congratulations to all of you!

Also, congratulations to my friends Heather and Yanick who competed in the NPC figure show in downtown Indy last Saturday night!  These two ladies work incredibly hard and have the bodies to show for it!  It is so much fun to watch them strut their stuff up on that stage.  They both looked absolutely fantastic!

So, needless to say, after all the competition excitement from this weekend, I was super inspired to get back into the gym on Sunday morning!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Standing Hurdle Jumps 3×3 – 28 in, 32 in, 36 in

36 in was just not happening today, and believe me, it wasn’t for lack of trying (I tried to jump over the damn thing about 15 times).  So I gave that hurdle the kick it deserved and moved on.

2) Sumo DL 5×3 – 135 lb, 150 lb, 165 lb, 175 lb

3) Tempo SSB Back Squats 3×10 – 65 lb x3

Still brutal!

4a) GHR 3×10

4b) 1/2 Kneeling Cable Chop 2×8

5a) 2 KB Single-leg RDL 3×8

5b) Triceps Pushdown 3×12

While waiting on Zach to finish up his workout, I may or may not have practiced my figure girl poses in the mirrors.  🙂


Monday, April 15, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Med Ball Chest Pass 3×5

2) Bench Press 2×5, 1xAs Many As Possible (AMAP) – 75 lb, 85 lb, 85 lb

My first and second sets of bench today felt fantastic!  The second set is on the video, and it might be the best bench set I have ever done.

3a) Seated Cable Row 3×8

3b) Pushups 1xAMAP from the floor, 2×10 on an incline

Whatever was up with my wrist last week is completely fine now.  So, I did 7 solid pushups from the floor for my first set before moving over to the rack to finish up my sets from an incline.

4a) Front Foot Elevated Split Squats 3×8

4b) KB Overheads with Leg Lowering 2×12

5) KB Swings 5×10 – 24K

On my program, Zach typed HEAVY next to these.  I used the 20K KB last week, but my new friend and IFAST intern Kyle was using both of the 20K KBs today.  So I just moved on up to the next one, and it was definitely HEAVY!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dynamic Warmup

Heavy Sled Pulls

Heavy Prowler Pushes

Cooldown and Breathing


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Heidens

2) Back Squat 4×5 – 95 lb, 115 lb, 125 lb, 125 lb

3a) Barbell RDL 3×10

3b) DB Bench Press 4×10

4a) Hip Thrust to Single-let Support 3×10

4b) Quadruped Walkouts 3×3

5) Real Rows 2×10


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dynamic Warmup

KB/Powerblock Circuit

Turkish Getups

Cooldown and Breathing


Friday, April 19, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Med Ball Chest Pass

2) Bench Press 3×5 – 80 lb, 85 lb, 90 lb

Since I did 4 days of lifting this week, I changed my bench press workout just slightly making the last set only 5 reps instead of going for as many as possible.

3a) Seated Cable Row 3×10

3b) Pushups AMAP from the floor then 2×10 on an incline

4a) Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 3×8

4b) KB Overheads with Leg Lowering

5) KB Swings 5×10 on the minute – 24K


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Off Day

Walked around the neighborhood with Zach before heading into work for the weekend.



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