Recent Client Successes

I wanted to take the time today t0 highlight some of my clients’ recent successes.  I get so excited when one of my clients achieves a goal, and I love seeing the progress that they make.  I guess it is why I love my job so much because this happens all the time.

Anyway, here is just a sample of my awesome clients.


First up is Natalie, a nutrition client of mine, who is one of the strongest women I know.  She is small, but extremely strong!!  She is also so awesome to be around in the gym.  She will be smiling and joking one minute and the next she is crushing a heavy weight.

I worked with Natalie on her nutrition leading up to her first ever powerlifting meet to help her get down to 48kg (105.6lbs)  (She started at 116).  Natalie regularly competes in olympic lifting but wanted to give powerlifting a shot.  She made weight and actually set the world record on her first squat attempt with a 220lb back squat (What is scary is that I have seen her hit quite a bit more than this in the gym with ease – she is a beast)!!

Unfortunately, she failed to make her attempts on the deadlift (which she also had the chance of setting a world record in).  This means her squat record does not count.  Either way, Natalie is an awesome person and extremely strong.  I know she worked very hard on her nutrition and training, and I am super proud of her!  Way to go Natalie!

Natalie squatting 100kg at a BW of 48kg – that is a world record!


Jason has been working with me for about 3 months now, and in that time he has accomplished his first chin-up, hit a 60lb deadlift PR, and has lost about 10 lbs.  Jason works extremely hard, and I know he will continue to make huge strides.


Ellen, one of my high school athletes, came to IFAST a while ago because she has scoliosis and was dealing with some hip pain.  She no longer has pain, her scoliosis is improving, and she is now busting out chin-ups like nothing!  I love working with this girl!



Here is Kristin who hit a deadlift PR of 250lbs!!  Kristin has been making huge strides and is super strong.  She is also one of the nicest and most awesome people I know!


Here are some pics of my girl Heather who just competed in her second figure competition.  Unfortunately, she was outside the top 3, but the judges told her with a better tan she would have been there.  I am so proud of her hard work.  Every time she comes into the gym she trains super hard.  I program some pretty difficult stuff for her, but she always dominates it.  Way to go Heather!!


Heather is second from the left

Next is my boy Will.  When I first started working with Will he could not perform a bodyweight hip hinge without getting discomfort in his low back. Well, his movement and mechanics have improved immensely.  Here is a video of him easily deadlifitng 325.  He has since hit 365, and it was still pretty easy.  Our goal by the end of the summer is 405.  It will happen!



Lastly, we have Dave.  I have been working with Dave for a little over a year, and he has consistently been one of my favorite clients to work with.  Dave is super consistent and works his butt off each session, which I love in a client.

Dave does, however, present with a unique challenge – he was born with cerebral palsy (CP).  For those of you who do not know about CP, it is a condition that involves abnormal muscle tone, reflexes, and motor development and coordination.  The degree that someone with CP is affected by each one can widely vary.

Therefore, initially, I was a little timid about how to coach and push Dave, but I soon realized that there was nothing I could give to him that he would not figure out a way to do.  If I present an exercise to him he is determined to figure it out, and he usually does.

Dave has made huge strides since I began working with him, and I have been meaning to write something up for a long time to not only highlight his achievements but to also give you some motivation to never let excuses get in the way of your goals.

Here is a video of Dave accomplishing one of his goals – a push-up from the floor.  I do not know many people that can do this under the scrutinous eyes of Zach Moore so this is very impressive.  And as of writing this, Dave is now performing these from the floor with chains – beast mode!!


Like I said, this is just a sample of my awesome clients.  I work with so many great people that make my job so great!  I am very blessed and could not be happier.

For anyone interested in working with me, check out my online services.  I offer training and nutrition coaching.



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  1. Great job, Zach. However, I turned on Jason’s dl video and the music freaked out my new bulldog, She-Mack. She started running through the house barking looking for God knows what. Never saw her scamper around so fast.

  2. Zach, The pride you have in your clients pours out through this blog! All of us know our personal goals are important to you and it shows each day at the gym. I have to say, I’m a little jealous my daughter made your blog so quickly!! I guess I have to work harder!! HA! Thanks so much for sharing your coaching gift with us!

    • Thanks so much for the comment, Ann! I hope you know you are always one of my favorites to work with. I am super happy with the progress you have made. You are awesome!

  3. Well done Zach! Mine is a quick question: would you recommend someone who has lumbar scoliosis to do chin ups?
    Would it help and why? Thanks!


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