How I Am Going To Rock This Blog

Hey, what’s up.  My name is Zach Moore, and I am the guy behind this blog.  I have had a blog for a while now as you can see from older posts and my former blog.

I started my blog to become better known in the Internet world and to improve my writing skills, which as you may have figured out, are not awesome 🙂 – but hopefully getting better.

I started my first blog as an intern at IFAST and attempted to share with people what I was learning.  This was fun for a while, and I was able to get decent traffic from it.  However, I was not passionate about it.

I felt like I was writing stuff that only benefited other trainers and, to be honest, I wanted these people to think I was smart.  I wanted to be seen as a Bill Hartman, an Eric Cressey, or a Mike Robertson.  So I was writing to impress people, which was stressful and not fun.

I realized that is not who I am and that I did not greatly enjoy my content (I love reading Bill, Mike, and Eric’s stuff and we need people like them.  I also enjoy geeking out on a lot of that stuff, but not all the time).  And since I did not like my content, then I am sure it came across in my writing.

It was boring.  I did not tie it all back to help fulfill my reader’s expectations.

You may be wondering where I am going with all of this. Well, during my vacation, I thought a lot about my aim and purpose with this blog and my writing in general.  I decided that I am only going to write about stuff that I enjoy and that I feel will benefit YOU.

I want to be more personable and help you, my reader, get to know me better. 

I realize that my personality (I can be pretty serious and dry, but not all the time and hopefully some of you like that) and interests (cooking, training, reading, sports) will not be entertaining or beneficial for everyone.  But I am going to be me.

I think that if I write about what I enjoy and try to be more personable then not only will I be happier, but I think it will improve my writing and content, and therefore, my readership.

So I am not only doing this for myself, but I believe it will make this site more attractive and more fun to read.

My girlfriend and I at her first powerlifting meet

Therefore, with this post I am trying to share a part of myself.  Like I said above, I want you to know more about me and not just feel like I am lecturing to you.  I want my blog to be fun and interactive.

Lastly, I want to mention that I am not completely abandoning my old content.  I will still write geeky anatomy and physiology posts from time-to-time, but I always want to have a specific goal with it besides just putting out content.

I am also willing to write about anything you wish to see.  If you are happy reading my stuff, then I am happy to write it.  Just email me or leave a comment if you have an idea in mind.

So here is a sample of topics that I would like to cover in the future (these are the first things that came to mind).  If these sound cool to you then make sure to stick around (sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already).

I do not have a goal for my blogging frequency.  I am going to write when I have something to say, and I am going to put a lot of effort into my posts.  I want to improve my writing and have fun with it.  So here you go:

Tips for ladies (I love coaching women, and I coach a lot of them so I feel like I can help any of you with certain body comp goals, strength-related goals, and lifestyle improvements.)

These posts may also be beneficial for you men out there – whether you are a trainer or just a guy wanting to get a girlfriend or spouse into weight-training or eating better I want to help.

Nutrition:  Digestive health, recipes, local foods, intermittent fasting, muscle building templates, fat loss advice, maintenance advice, healthy relationships with food, hormones, etc.

You name it and I want to know about it when it comes to nutrition – I love the subject.  It may be the topic I am most passionate about.  I am in the process of pursuing a nutrition certification (any recommendations?) to further my knowledge.

My previous battle with an eating disorder and how it has shaped me.  I have not told many people about this, but it has played a big part in shaping who I am.  And I want you to get to know me better so I am going to share my story.

I also believe having gone through this helps me relate to people with body image issues and people who have an unhealthy relationship with food.

The importance of being positive.

Stress-management tips.

Behavior Change.  Strategies to make goals last.  I want to offer more than quick-fix solutions.

Physiology.  I do not have anything specific for this right now, but I do love physiology so I am sure I will have posts on it eventually.

Exercise and having fun with it.  I believe most people view exercise as something that they have to do.  I want to help change this mindset and give ideas on how to make it more enjoyable.


I would love to hear from you regarding anything I have just written.  Do you like the topics?  Any suggestions?  Thoughts on my new aim with the blog?

I want to have a lot of reader interaction.

Also, if you would not mind sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I would really appreciate it.  I almost feel like I am starting over and want people to be there from the beginning.  I am excited!


10 thoughts on “How I Am Going To Rock This Blog”

  1. I am so excited about your new blog! I tried so hard to read your previous blog, & I have to admit…most of the time, I had know idea about anything I was reading :/ I’m looking forward to reading about women’s health & nutrition, the areas in which I am most interested. I do agree you will reach a much broader audience. I have to say, the layman needs more help than the expert 😉

    • Thanks for the comment, sis. I actually had you in mind when thinking of my new focus for the blog:) If there is ever a specific topic you would like to see my cover let me know.

  2. Zach,

    I have really enjoyed reading your work – one of my fitness bookmarks. I am a former personal trainer and a writer, and I think what you have outlined above is great – write about your experiences, and write topics that you think people will find interesting.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Great stuff Zach. Can’t wait to hear all this things you have to say. Since I can’t cook, can you include a recipe of the week so maybe I will start learning how to cook?

  4. This is awesome Zach! Really looking forward to reading. I especially appreciate you opening up about former personal issues. That kind of openness and honesty is what makes a person worth listening to and makes a blog much more attractive. Plus, I think it could really help a lot of people! You the man!

  5. I had the same problem with my upcoming blog. I kept on forgetting that at the end of the day I just want to help people. Fame would be great but it isn’t going to come over night. Young coaches like you and I are going to need to grind and “earn our stripes” by consistently putting out good content.

    Good for you.


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