Emme’s Training Log: 5 Weeks Out and Words of Wisdom from 95 Year Old Twins

I got back home from spending a few days in Florida with some extended family late yesterday afternoon.  I had an absolutely fantastic time celebrating the 95th birthday of my late Mamaw’s identical twin sisters.  Aunt Addy and Aunt Jessie are two amazing little ladies!  At dinner one night, one of my cousin’s asked the twins what words of wisdom they had for the rest of us, and Aunt Jessie simply said, “Be happy.”  Aunt Addy followed it up with, “Drink scotch and bourbon!”  Probably the greatest advice ever given.  They also said the things they are most proud of included their family, still having all their own teeth, living as long as they have, and that they still have their sense of humor and each other.  The twins are 95 years of living proof of what being happy, taking good care of your body, and spending time with people you love can do for you.  Here’s to many more birthdays for the two of them!


My Great Aunt Addy, my Great Uncle John, and Great Aunt Jessie enjoying the applause from the entire restaurant at their 95th birthday party!

IMG_0997 IMG_0961

Top:  My wonderful Aunt Louanne and me mid-party!

Bottom:  My beautiful cousin, Alleigh, my amazing Momma, and me loving being chauffeured around for the evening!

Needless to say, all the celebrating (ie. all the food and drinks) from the weekend have left me feeling less than stellar in terms of my preparation for this meet coming up in 5 weeks.  I got back at it Monday though and am looking forward to cranking up the training intensity over these next few weeks!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Back Squats – 145 lb x2, 160 lb x1, 170 lb x1, 180 lb x1, 190 lb x1, 155 lb x2

Been wearing the belt, but haven’t tried out the knee wraps yet so I was pretty happy with the 190 lb squat today!

2a) Paused Bench Press 2×5 – 75 lb, 85 lb

2b) 3 Month Baby PNF

3a) SSB Back Squats to a Box 3×3 – 115 lb, 125 lb, 135 lb

3b) Triceps Pushdown 3×10 – 40 lb x2, 45 lb x1

4) Battling Ropes 12 sec on/50 sec off x7 rounds

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Bench Press 1×2, 5×1 – 95 lb, 105 lb, 110 lb, 115 lb, 120 lb, 110 lb

2a) Paused Squat 3×2 – 115 lb, 130 lb x2

2b) Quadruped Walkouts 3×3

3a) Close Grip Bench 3×6 – 85 lb x2, 90 lb

3b) Seated Cable Row 3×8 – 110 lb, 120 lb, 125 lb

4) Prowler Pushes 140 lb

Friday, June 28, 2013

Foam Rolling and Dynamic Warmup

1) Sumo DL 5×1 – 185 lb, 210 lb, 225 lb, 235 lb, 215 lb

235 lb is what I hit at the last meet I did in December.  Not bad for taking a few days off from training!

2) 2 Board Bench Press 4×1 – 110 lb, 120 lb, 125 lb, 130 lb

3) Back Squats 3×1 – 115 lb, 135 lb, 155 lb

Zach and I have decided that a lot of volume at lower weights hasn’t helped me all that much.  I feel much better, and my lifts are much more solid if I just concentrate hard on heavier singles, doubles, and sometimes triples.

4a) High Incline DB Bench Press 3×10 – 25 lb, 30 lb x2

4b) Tall Kneeling Lat Pull Down 3×10

No conditioning today.  I got this training session in after working 3 nights in a row, and I took my opt out on the KB Swings for the day.


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