A Call To Action: Make One New Positive Change In Your Life Today

I just recently finished the book, “The Power of Habit“, which is a fantastic read (thanks, JB!).  One of the big things that this book reaffirmed for me is the benefit of starting small and being consistent when attacking goals and habits – we are much more likely to be successful in achieving our goals … Read more

A New Study On The Benefits of Strength Training For Women

You already know that I am a huge proponent of women strength training, which is why I was very excited to see this recent study showing the benefits of strength training for women. Basically, researchers took 20 untrained women between the ages of 19 and 44 and put them through a “12-week moderate-intensity, progressive resistance … Read more

My 2013 Goals

After I got back from San Francisco in September I made a goal to help you, my reader, get to know me better.  I wrote in an earlier blog that I felt my writing had always been technical and non-personal, and I wanted to change that.  So I thought it would be a good idea … Read more

My Group Fitness Page On WeightTraining.com

Hey everyone!  Just a quick announcement.  I have recently partnered with WeightTraining.com for their new iPhone app which is being released today, January 7th.  You can go HERE to check out the details. Basically, the app allows you to track all of your workouts, follow workouts from their database, search their database for over 2,000 … Read more