A New Study On The Benefits of Strength Training For Women

You already know that I am a huge proponent of women strength training, which is why I was very excited to see this recent study showing the benefits of strength training for women.

Basically, researchers took 20 untrained women between the ages of 19 and 44 and put them through a “12-week moderate-intensity, progressive resistance weight training program consisting of 2 supervised sessions per week with 6 types of lifting exercises per session.”

The results of the study found a decrease in body fat resulting from more muscle and less fat and an increase is strength.  These results were obtained without any dietary intervention, which is pretty awesome.

One of my female clients

Therefore, even though I may seem a little biased, there is more and more research coming out to support the idea that strength training is very beneficial for women.  So far research has found that strength training decreases body fat, increases strength, improves bone density, reduces risk for osteoporosis, reduces risk for cardiovascular disease, slows cognitive decline, can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, and much more.

This is why I am very passionate about releasing my eBook, “A Woman’s Guide On How To Get Started Lifting Weights” (title may change?), which should be out sometime this year.  I am hoping by the end of the summer.  Most of the content is done I just need to film a lot of video.

The eBook will explain in more depth the benefits of strength training for women, how to get started strength training in your own home, and eventually progress to weights in a gym.  It will also include detailed, instructional videos on exercise technique and form, programs for you to follow, and a chapter on how to progress beyond the beginner stages.

I think it will be a great resource even if you are not a beginner because I place a large emphasis on proper technique and understanding how to train depending on your goal(s) and training history.

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