How To Get Started Lifting Weights – The Squat Pattern

Since the squat is my all-time favorite exercise, I have decided to talk about that pattern first in this series of articles on resistance training.  As I said in my previous post, squats are a great exercise because they use a ton of muscle mass (especially the glutes and hamstrings, which many women strive to … Read more

How To Get Started Lifting Weights, Part 1

Alright so now that I have hopefully convinced you to get started resistance training, let’s look at how to do so. The tips I am about to share with you are some that I have learned over my years working 6 days a week as a trainer with women.  I know they can be beneficial … Read more

Women – Be Happy, Be Healthy

I coach and work with a lot of women over the Internet and at IFAST. I love working with women! They listen the best and are always the most excited when they achieve one of their goals.  Nothing makes me smile more than watching one of my female clients perform her first chin-up or push-up … Read more

How I Am Going To Rock This Blog

Hey, what’s up.  My name is Zach Moore, and I am the guy behind this blog.  I have had a blog for a while now as you can see from older posts and my former blog. I started my blog to become better known in the Internet world and to improve my writing skills, which … Read more

My Vacation to Cali

Well, I can now officially say I have been to California.  This was my first real vacation in over three years.  That is bad.  I am now going to make it a priority to take one each year. Emme and I got back on Friday evening and had a great trip.  I went out there … Read more

Guest Blog For Molly Galbraith

I just had a guest blog released on Molly Galbraith’s website.  Molly had a question from one of her readers regarding rib flare. The reader just had a baby and her ribs now flare out and she wants to know if there is any way she can fix this.  Molly asked me to help out … Read more

My Challenge To You – One New Recipe A Week

I have decided that one of my goals for this blog and my writing will be to help make eating better foods easier for people.  There are many excellent writers out there on the topic of nutrition, but many focus most of their time on the science side of things. This is very important, but … Read more

Recent Client Successes

I wanted to take the time today t0 highlight some of my clients’ recent successes.  I get so excited when one of my clients achieves a goal, and I love seeing the progress that they make.  I guess it is why I love my job so much because this happens all the time. Anyway, here … Read more

My Interview on Inspired Fit Strong

I just wanted to let my readers know about an interview I did with Ines Subashka.  She runs the site, Inspired Fit Strong, which has some great content.  She has also interviewed a lot of other cool people.  So go check out my interview and be sure to look around the site as well.   … Read more